Cultural diplomacy unites nations

Art is the universal language of the entire world, of every nation and every person.

Cultural diplomacy provides international cultural exchange, in which art overpasses boundaries and binds nations together, promotes mutual understanding between them.

UART Foundation for Cultural Diplomacy seeks to constructively influence the development of international relations through the unifying power of art.

We spare no effort to make sure that the universal language of the world includes as many Ukrainian words and names as possible. We work to see that Ukrainian art receives wider recognition globally and that the world learns Ukraine through its culture. The Foundation also brings international art to Ukrainians.

Since the establishment in 2011, we have been doing our work step-by-step. We organized the “Seasons” exhibition by Victor Sevastianov in Brussels and Strasbourg, the «Fertility» project by three Ukrainian artists, and the exposure of Dasha Skorubska’s “Androgyne” in Paris.

We had supported Georg Pinzel’s exhibition at Louvre (Paris) and were the co-organizers of Oksana Mas’ project «Quantum Prayer» at the 55th Venice Biennale. The Foundation brought «Les Instants de la Vie» exhibition by the group of French artists «Garance» to Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine and Odessa also had an opportunity to enjoy works of famous French artist Natasha Tuten. (R)EVOLUTION project by French photographer Eric Bouvet turned out to be an important cultural and social event in Kyiv’s life. This exhibition was co-organized by National Art Museum of Ukraine.

We are proud of GRANT UART project, in which the most talented young Ukrainian artists were chosen by the jury consisting of recognized French art experts. 512 artists applied for participation in the contest. Nicolas Tolmachev received the first grant of EUR 20,000 and will spend it on receiving art education in France.

GRANT UART is an act of cultural diplomacy. The Foundation will hold it in different countries so that genuine young talents of Ukraine get a chance to speak out about themselves in the boundless world of art.

Indeed, the most interesting is ahead. We keep moving forward because we believe in the power of art, in Ukraine, in its unique spirit, and talents of the artists born here!

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